SNF Metrics Software

Facilities, especially in multiple-facility organizations, are more complicated than ever to operate. You need better information to manage increased resident acuity, navigate complex reimbursement, improve risk management, and be proactive rather than reactive.

The SNF Metrics Platform has two components:

  1. An intelligent dashboard that offers near real-time access to the data you need to take smart, decisive action. All your information from all your systems, all in one place.
  2. Integrated apps that simplify processes, solve problems, and fill gaps throughout your organization.

The SNF Metrics Platform gives you an infrastructure that supports growth. As your organization expands, managing your systems will bring new challenges. With SNF Metrics you can be in multiple places at once …at least, virtually.

SNF Metrics Platform & Dashboard

By extracting and blending information from various systems, SNF Metrics transforms data into the knowledge necessary to make decisions for improved quality of care, compliance, and fiscal health.

Key Benefits of the Dashboard

Reports and analytics for all areas of your operation (e.g., clinical, financial, billing, purchasing, payroll, marketing, risk management, and rehospitalization)

Keep on top of five-star ratings, PBJ, QAPI, staffing, and reimbursement changes (PDPM)

High-level views with drill-down capabilities to the resident level

Dynamic charts and graphs create a narrative of each of your facilities and the overall company

Integration of data from multiple sources

Analytics to assist with root-cause analysis and better data interpretation

Predictive modeling for five-star rating, staffing level, high-risk clinical areas, and financial performance

Trend reports showing current and historical performance

Customized email alerts

Key Benefits of Apps

Our innovative toolkit of apps provides solutions throughout your organization. The apps are part of a single platform, making them easy to learn and use. Plus, there is no duplicate data entry because your residents, employees, and other shared data are already in the apps.

The apps eliminate paper record-keeping and messy spreadsheets and are designed specifically for the fast-paced long-term care environment. Best of all, the apps directly feed data into the SNF Metrics Dashboard.

Apps Include

Referral calculator

Referral calculator:

Quick assessment of resident cost during admission

Grievance Tracker

Grievance tracker:

Tracking system for grievances and facility follow up

Monitor Facility Communications

Rehab authorization:

Facilitate and monitor communication and accuracy between therapy and facility case management, then compare billing for accuracy

Managed Care Database

Managed care contract database:

Online repository of contracts with integration throughout the platform (for example, instantly show contracted payers and rates per level)

Budgeting tool

Budgeting tool:

Measure actual performance against budgetary goals across the organization

Integrated Forms

Integrated forms:

Collect information that doesn’t exist in any system, tailored to your organization

Referral Tracking

Referral tracking system (coming soon):

Monitor, track, and trend all facility referrals

Risk Reporter

Risk reporter (coming soon):

Incident tracking and reporting that works

SNF Metrics integrates with the most common systems used by skilled care facilities, including:

  • EHR/Clinical
  • Billing
  • Financial
  • Risk management/incidents
  • Payroll
  • Marketing/referrals
  • Therapy
  • Pharmacy